Digital Dental Radiography

Digital radiography has been used widely in medicine, but it was only in the 1980s that the first intra-oral sensors were developed for use in dentistry. Recently, the development of cost-effective intra- and extra-oral digital technology coupled with an increase in computerization of practices has made digital imaging a superior alternative in many respects to conventional film imaging.
Advantages of this type of system for the patient include the ability to gain orthopantomographic & cephalometric analysis and superimposition quickly on the chairside computer, manipulation of images to aid diagnosis, dose exposure reductions, and the ease of storage.
Digital radiography advantage #1 – Higher quality of care
Digital radiography typically reduces radiation exposure by 75% or more. That means a higher level of care for our patients.
Digital radiography advantage #2 – X-ray image enhancement 
Digital X-ray systems let us control the exposure of each image in real time, so we can make images darker or lighter on demand. We can also enlarge images, make enhancements to color and superimpose textures. These features improve our ability to detect disease and its current state. They also provide immediate visuals for compelling patient education. All this adds up to faster diagnosis and greater treatment plan acceptance.
 Digital radiography advantage #3 – Enhanced X-ray image quality 
Clarity and detail are crucial in dental imaging. Digital X-ray equipment provides image quality that can surpass traditional film, bringing out tiny fractures and imperfections that might have been missed on film.

Digital radiography advantage #4 – No chemical developers 
Nobody likes dealing with harmful developing chemicals and fixing solutions. Digital radiography eliminates the need for automatic film processors, taking with it the odor, wait times and space they require.

Digital radiography advantage #5 – Quick image sharing
Digital radiography gives our practice the ability to send images to others in just moments. Sending digital X-rays in speedy way or even while a patient is being treated results in better, faster collaboration between us and other dental professionals when and if needed. 

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